By donating unwanted Christmas lights and decor. We are currently accepting Christmas lights and decor to use in shows for as long as we can keep them working. 

Lights and decor can be dropped off at any time. We ask that you place the items beside the soap shack so that we may collect them later. 

Donate gift cards for grocery stores, donate candy canes, cookies, Smores, or any other tasty treats. (All food donations must be fully sealed and in original packaging.)

Volunteer time. We will need people to help us decorate, meet, greet, & help visitors, manage traffic, guide guests, help with distributing hot chocolate and snacks, or other event-related tasks.  

Donate. 100% of all donations go directly to the charity of choice. There are several donation boxes located on the property. Cash may be dropped into those at any time. We also have provided methods to donate via Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and/or credit/debit cards. You may also choose to make a donation in the shop itself. Simply ask a shop associate for help.