Show Information

100% of all donations go to charity of choice for that year. This donation is given in honor of Colbie A. Daywalt. A tradition that has been done since the creation of the light show. Colbie was a family member of the creators and lost his battle with cancer at the age of seven.


The drive-through light show is how most people typically enjoy watching. You simply pull up, pick a spot, tune your radio to 95.5FM and enjoy from the comfort of your vehicle.

We encourage you to come often; There is always something new to see and something you have missed!

Cash donations can be put into any of the donation boxes. Donations made via Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, or other payment apps can be done via the donate button on the website, QR code at donation boxes, and/or in the shop. (If open)

Light show runs daily Mon.-Thurs. 5pm-8pm Fri. &Sat. 5pm-9pm unless otherwise posted on this website and/or our Facebook Page


Rules & Regulations

  1. Keep one side of the road clear at all times! it’s the law!
  2. Let neighbors have priority. If you see someone put their flashers on and flash their high beams, that’s a neighbor, let them through to their driveways or allow them to pass easily.
  3. DRIVE SLOW and no engine revving.  We have kids and pets we love! We do have contact with local authorities who will patrol the area. 
  4. Do not touch our lights or equipment. Watch where you are walking as you may see some cords on the ground. Anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave the property. Authorities will be contacted if you refuse to leave. This is for EVERYONE’S safety.
  5. Keep an eye on your kids. There’s a lot of work and passion that goes into our lights. Not to mention, the electricity. Do not allow your kids to touch the lights or any/other equipment. Anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave the property. Authorities will be contacted if you refuse to leave. This is for EVERYONE’S safety.
  6. You may NOT pet our animals without permission. Please note and respect our signs indicating you enter the farm AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  7.  This is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY event. Keep it that way. If you must be 18 years or older to purchase, it does not belong here. NO SMOKING AND/OR vaping while on our property. You may do so in your personal vehicles if you so choose. 
  8. Leashed and friendly pets are welcome in personal vehicles, right outside the shop entrance, or the large grassy area on the other side of Kochenauer Lane (The left-hand side if the light show is on the right-hand side) please keep this in mind as you visit. Our pets are our family and you wouldn’t like someone coming up and petting your child without permission, so please be mindful and ASK. Pets must not be barking or being a nuisance and/or unfriendly. We will ask you to leave. Please pick up after your pets.
  9. Clean up after yourself. If you bring something with you take it back with you, even if it’s empty! Take all your trash or put it in one of the many trash bins on the property.
  10. It is polite to dim or turn off your headlights while keeping parking lights on. This prevents your lights from shining on the person in front of you.
  11. You are responsible for yourself and your group. Goat’Cha LLC and/or the property owners will not be held responsible for any injury that may occur. 
  12. HAVE FUN! THIS A MUST! Having a blast? spread the word and use #GOATCHALIGHTSHOW on any social media for a chance at winning a bath & body gift set!